Schwedens Hardcore Band 59 Time The Pain (Myspace) werden sich für einen speziellen Auftritt auf dem diesjährigen Groezrock (09.-10.Mai) in Meerhout, Belgien, wiedervereinigen.

Der Kommentar der Band:

We’re back! The thing we never thought would happend is now a fact. We have decided to do one final exclusive show at Groezrock 2008. This show is dedicated to, and a chance for, all our fans to catch 59 TIMES THE PAIN live in action one last time. We’re gonna take you on a trip through all our albums — hardcore school into punk rock college.

Das aktuelle Groezrock-Lineup:

59 Time The Pain (Myspace)
A Wilhelm Scream
Agnostic Front (Myspace)
Anti-Flag (Myspace)
Billy Talent (Myspace)
Bury Your Dead (Myspace)
Finch (Myspace)
Horse The Band (Myspace)
Hot Water Musik (Myspace)
No Fun At All (Myspace)
Parkway Drive (Myspace)
Set Your Goals (Myspace)
Sick Of It All (Myspace)
Strike Anywhere (Myspace)
Suicide Silence (Myspace)
The Bones (Myspace)
The Flatliners (Myspace)
The Loved Ones (Myspace)
This Is Hell (Myspace)
Walls Of Jericho (Myspace)