Alesana sagen Festivaltour ab – Rock am Ring/ im Park, Greenfield, NovaRock und Vainstream betroffen


Der europäische Festivalsommer wird auf die amerikanische Post-Hardcore-Fraktion Alesana verzichten müssen. Der Grund ist so banal wie oft vernommen: Die Album will einfach nicht rechtzeitig fertig werden.
Man wird laut aktuellen Schätzungen bis in den Juni hinein brauchen, sagt vorsorglich aber gleich den ganzen Sommer in Europa ab.

Unter anderem waren Auftritte bei Rock am Ring, Rock im Park, Greenfield, NovaRock und Vainstream geplant.


Mit den folgenden Worten sagt die Band „Sorry“..

hey everyone!  we are really hard at work in the studio here in Portland, OR writing and creating our latest story.  the songs and artwork are turning out better than we ever could have dreamed.  unfortunately, the process is going to carry us into the early days of June which means we will not be able to play the summer festivals abroad this year.  it is a bittersweet reality because as much as we love playing for our amazing fans across the Atlantic, we do not want to take any short cuts in regards to our writing and creative process.  sometimes we forget that we all love our favorite bands because of the music they make and when we started alesana we always promised ourselves that we would never turn our backs on our songs.  the new record is our favorite material to date and we promise that one day soon we will be over there rocking your faces off just as we have in the past.  we sincerely apologize to anyone we have let down in making this difficult decision but we hope you understand and respect that making music is why we are alesana.  we love you all and can’t wait to see you again!

shawn and alesana

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