PJ Harvey gastiert am Roskilde 2011

Der Morgen bringt Belebung fürs Roskilde. Man holt die Rock Queen Polly Jean Harvey alias PJ Harvey nach über 10 Jahren erstmalig zurück auf den heiligen Roskilde-Boden . Unterfüttert wird das bis dato überschaubare Bühnenprogramm des dänischen Grossfestival desweiteren mit Anna Calvi, Mathew Dear, Kloster und Kurt Vile & The Violators.

Die Britin PJ Harvey steht mit ihrem neuen Album „Let England Shake“ in den Startlöchern. Mittlerweile existiert auch ein Stream, der einem online vorab ein Prelistening erlaubt. Physikalisch wird das 12 Songs umfassende Werk am Freitag erscheinen. Live streift PJ Harvey jetzt im Februar Berlin mit Shows am 21. und 22. im Admiralspalast. Für beide Konzerte scheint es mittlerweile keine Karten mehr zu geben. Zumindest hält weder Eventim noch Hekticket welche bereit.


Zu seinen Neuzugängen gibt das Roskilde uns folgende Kurzinfos an die Hand:

PJ HARVEY (UK) is one of the most characteristic figures of British rock. In recent years, she has become an exclusive live experience, and yet, she is still a huge star among the audience. A new album from PJ Harvey is always something of an event, and 2011 brings a new one: Let England Shake is a new, surprising chapter from one of the true chameleons of rock – a concept album about crumbled England and the many bloody wars fought under the British flag.

ANNA CALVI (UK) is a dark-romantic and raw new acquaintance who has been hailed as “The biggest thing since Patti Smith” by none other than Brian Eno. Many others have highlighted the young talent with the solid songs as one of 2011’s most distinguished debutants. Cinematic pop rock with a true guitar master at the centre.

MATTHEW DEAR – Live Band (US) is an American DJ, producer and songwriter. He delivers steely hard techno beats under aliases such as Jabberjaw and Audion, and chilled experimental pop under his own name. With the latest album Black City, minimal techno, Roxy Music and LCD Soundsystem are possible landmarks as one of USA’s most versatile electronic stars pay a visit.

KLOSTER (DK) is a mainly acoustic and quiet project, but Mikael R Andreasen’s spiritual songs are still rich on instrumental variations. On his latest release, The Waves and Winds Still Know His Voice, he borrows lyrics and themes from Julian of Norwich, an English seer who died around 1416.

KURT VILE & THE VIOLATORS (US) combine the scent of cactus and dusty highways from US radio rock with a homemade skewed feeling. Backing band The Violators are the young American’s faithful companions as the lively alternative highway rock transcends the home studio to the rock stage.

All kinds of music
Many more bands of all kinds will follow in the coming months. Roskilde Festival 2011 will, as always, present all colours of the globe when the final band schedule is out.

Die Ärzte 2011: Ein Überblick.

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