Roskilde: Bruce Springsteen offiziell angenommen

Bruce Springsteen (Bildquelle: MLK)

Nachdem der Boss sich per Tourdaten schon vor 2 Wochen beim Roskilde ankündigte, heisst ihn das Festival heute auch offiziell willkommen.

Er reiht sich neben Björk in der Kopfzeile des dänischen Festivals ein. Weiterhin bisher bestätigt wurden Bon Iver, Royce Da 5’9“, Wiz Khalifa und Yelawolf.

Als wahr gewordenen Traum und Höhepunkt des dezemberlichen Bestätigungsreigens feiern die Macher des Roskilde die Verpflichtung des Amerikaners in ihrer Ankündigung:

Bruce Springsteen And The E-Street Band (US) are ready to take on Orange Stage this summer with a characteristically long concert full of golden rock anthems. It is a true highlight in over 40 years of festival history to finally announce this rock icon on one of the most iconic stages in the world.

Having this denim-clad superhero play at Roskilde Festival is no longer a dream scenario. His influence on rock history can hardly be overstated. Without this masterful songwriter and storyteller, a whole generation of younger bands would not sound the way they do.

Regardless of age and knowledge of Bruce Springsteen, it is practically a civic duty to experience this artist who – despite his simple and unpretentious craft – towers up on the rock horizon.

We are looking forward to presenting a summer’s night with poetic rock songs about New Jersey, the hopelessness of blue-collar working days and life on empty small town streets when you are born to run.


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